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'In the world was never man born that,
onus Orpheo sat byforn
And he myght of his harping her
He schulde thinke that he wer
in one of the joys of Paradys,
suche joy and melody in his harpyng is.'

Thus tells the medieval lay of Kyng Orfeo, the great harper to whose play the wild beasts would listen and the stones would dance. Through the power of his music he was able to restore his beloved wife Heurodis from the land of Faerie where she had been abducted by the Elven King. But music itself has always been part of Faerie; its enchantment has always been connected with the supernatural, whether for good or for evil: the sirens' song that would lure the unaware into captivity, or Tinúviel's lament on Beren's death, 'the most fair that ever in words was woven, and the song most sorrowful that ever the world shall hear', even the Ainulindale, the music of the Ainur, that brought the world into being – music has always been connected with mythology; it has always been interwoven with enchantment and the Dream of Faerie.

It is this aspect of music that this group is exploring, and it is not surprising then that they've adopted the name 'Fauns' from a creature of Ancient Greek mythology, known for the wild play of his flute, thus underlining their extraordinary music and mystical, dreamlike lyrics. It was C.S. Lewis' children's book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe that suggested the name when the group started playing music in 1992; the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, though, has by far proved the greatest influence on both music and lyrics, and motives from his stories as well as quotations of his elvish languages have found their way into the group's songs.

For more then half a decade, through various line-up changes and musical developments, the 'Fauns' have been following this concept: to create music that may take you into a world of dreams, music that may bring to life the enchantment of Faerie. The power to use it, though, lies with you.

Nai anar calúva tielyannar – may the sun shine upon your paths!

'Leave thy world behind, listen to thine heart
A magic world thou wilt find, a place sung by the bards.
Step unto my path where the river runs along,
Up towards the stars with my autumn song.'

(press release 2001)