Tracks From Fairyrealms

Demo CD-R, December 1998
(total time: 39:36)

Intro - In the Shadow of Mount Doom (1:35)
The Way To Become A Priestess (4:40)
Enchanted Realms (5:21)
The Dwarves from the Lonely Mountain* (7:30)
Frodo the Hobbit (3:10)
The Tale of Nimrodel* (6:29)
The Shire (3:47)
Shadowway* (6:48)

Falk: bass, syrinx, vocals
Maja: keyboard, flute, vocals, percussion
Nils: drums, pipes, backing vocals, percussion
Jan: electric guitar, lute, vocals

All songs were written, arranged & performed by Jan-Peer Hartmann, Nils Hartmann, Maja Langholz, Falk Hartmann.
All lyrics by the Fauns except * by J.R.R. Tolkien.
Recorded & mixed at ‘Zillestudio Charlottenburg‘ (Berlin) by Marco Ponce Kärgel between April and September 1998.
Artwork & design by Jan-Peer Hartmann.

Song lyrics

The Way To Become A Priestess

Leaving her family behind,
she wondered what she would find;
Luck - more or less? -
on her way to become a priestess.

"Hear", say the mice, "your unicorn lies,
It´s fallen into the sea,
where the priestess should be free!"

Learning by the priests,
she happily lived on Avalon,
Her friends were flowers, ducks and bees,
long ago, now she is gone.

"Hear", say the mice, "your unicorn lies,
It´s fallen into the sea,
where the priestess should be free!"

"See what you see, come and search for me,
Find out that a blind can see better into his mind."

"See what you see, be where you´re free,
Look into the see, where the priestess should be free!"

(music & lyrics by Falk and Jan)

Enchanted Realms

Watching the nightfall on fairyrealms
he sighs and slowly turns away,
The rain falls softly on the elms
that stand amidst the veils of grey.

A sudden music made him stay,
and thus he halted listening;
There on a clearing, clad in gray,
elves danced with dark eyes glistening.

Enchanted by the fairies´ dance
he secretly watched from the shade
Yet did not see the maiden´s glance
when she saw him there near the glade.

Then as he heard a sudden sound
he quickly turned and saw her there:
She walked two feet above the ground
immortal maiden elvenfair.

She said, `It´s hard to find our land
but as you´ve entered you shall stay;
So you may come and join the dance
and leave not till the break of day.´

She lightly took him by the hand
and through the air with her he flew.
He thought the dance would never end
and felt like he was born anew.

When finally he fell asleep
they vanished in the forest deep
By dawn no trace of them was left
and never he saw them again.

(music by Jan, Nils, Falk, Maja; lyrics by Jan)

The Dwarves From The Lonely Mountain

(music by Jan and Nils; lyrics by J.R.R. Tolkien)

Frodo The Hobbit

Frodo the little hobbit went through the wood
He crossed the lake in the middle by a little boat
At the other side the wood had an end
But Frodo, the little hobbit, went away, clad in his coat
He was not frightnened, the hobbit, my friend.

Frodo the little hobbit, he´s got a sword.

Frodo the friendly hobbit, went through the fields.
He came to a village behind the big rocks.
The chef of this village was Merry, his friend.
Frodo, the little hobbit liked hobbit clocks,
the wood´s animals and green frogs.

Frodo the little hobbit, he´s got a sword.

Frodo the merry hobbit went to the rocks
He went through an open door and found a big box.
He opened it and found a sack of gold,
But it was old, so he was told,
Out of a dragon´s hoard and sold.

Frodo the little hobbit, he´s got a sword.

Frodo the little hobbit went away on a path
He came to a cottage with flowers amongst the grass.
He opened the door by a golden key
Went into the house under a tree
He was a little hobbit, like you and me.

Frodo the little hobbit, he´s got a sword.

(music & lyrics by Falk)

The Tale Of Nimrodel

(music by Jan, Falk, Maja; lyrics by J.R.R. Tolkien)


(music by Falk; lyrics by J.R.R. Tolkien)